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Terms and Conditions

*Important Notice*
2020/12/22. 9:00 p.m. Taipei time (GMT+8) ~~Grab box sold out
We have several Grab box left in stock from misplaced orders.

2020/12/23. ~ 2020/12/25.

*Non-Taiwan receiving addresses, please notice the following statement
Due to the COVID-19 crises, 
by Dec 4, 26 countries/areas are available for standard delivery or EMS.
(please check the attached list.)

If your receiving address isn't on the list, 
we provide FedEx as the delivery method for you.
The shipping fee is higher but also much faster and safer.
Here's an example using FedEx as the shipping method, for reference only.
Sadly we don't know when exactly the delivery will be lifted again.
There might be more add to the list...
we'll keep on tracking the latest information and update anytime.

This is a crucial time for everyone; we do our best of what we can do for you,
hoping to bring you some pieces of happiness.
Please be kind to each other and stay optimistic.
We sincerely wish you all the best.

Thank you very much for coming to our store.
To provide you a better shopping experience,
Please make sure you understand all of our terms and conditions before you place an order.
We wish you a pleasant day :)

1. Please provide the correct information when you place an order. 
    Your privacy is protected by law.
    Please check Shopline's privacy policy as well.

2. We refuse and will report any false/fake information and all kinds of frauds and scams.
    Also, we reserve the right to cancel any order using false information.

3. We welcome all kinds of retailers from all over the world.
    Please contact us by emailing me to for our wholesale policy and the order form.

4. Please notice our opening and delivery schedule.

5. Pre-order merchandise will be restocked within 50 to 70 business days.
    Business days DO NOT include weekends, holidays, and any other non-working days.

6. Please be aware that once the order has been placed, 
    it means you fully agree with our terms and conditions. 

7. We refuse any unauthorized commercial/ illegal behavior. 

8. LCN creations including products, artworks,  illustrations, photos...etc., all rights reserved by LCN Design Studio.

9. CamouflageMore creations including products, artworks,  illustrations, photos...etc., all rights reserved by CamouflageMore Design Studio.

10. This store is based on the Shopline e-commerce platform.  

11. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
      We sincerely welcome you.
      Thank you very much!